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Browser + (TOR/Proxy/etc): Not Very Private

by Jason Stewart
In the dark old days of not long ago, most web-based interactive content was delivered via ActiveX or NPAPI browser plug-ins (ex: Java, Flash, etc.).  The danger of browser plug-ins is that once installed, they can do just about anything with your computer (read files, install viruses, alter system files, etc.). With the rise of […]

Fixing Double-TAB Help in GNU CLISP

by Jason Stewart
When I started using GNU CLISP, I had the darndest time finding out what the per-user config file should be named. GNU CLISP runs ~/.clisprc.lisp on startup, so you can put defaults, quicklisp, etc. in that file. GNU CLISP also attempts to open a webpage to the right page in the common lisp hyperspec when […]

Common LISP Koans

by Jason Stewart
I’m more of a hands-on learner, so these Common LISP exercises were great: LISP Koans Of course, having the LISP Hyperspec handy doesn’t hurt.

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